This is Major

Yes, that's me (and my sister) riding  on a camel in the desert. His name is Major. Not only was it major, or a big deal, for me to climb on a camel and ride it in the Mexican desert, but it was major that I didn't allow my fears to stop me from taking this awesome ride.

When I saw the flyer about hiking in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico desert and riding on a camel, I knew I had to do it. But right before it was time to go for the hike and meet the camels, I became afraid. I wanted to say, "never mind, I don't have to do it."

Often times, we allow fear to stop us from trying new things, meeting new people, and going after our dreams. One of the main messages from Owning Your Amazing Now is about inspiring people to do push past their fears. I realize that I could have come up with excuse after excuse as to why I didn't want to ride the camel. But I didn't want to have another time in my life where I let fear win.

After the ride, I climbed off Major, patted his back, and  thanked him for letting me ride on him. I also told myself that I was proud of myself for not letting fear get the best of me. Facing our fears, whether big or small, is a big deal.


So, I challenge you to do something that you are afraid of.

Whether it's riding on a camel, starting a business, or even going after a new position. We are meant to live bigger lives than we are currently living. But we can only do that when we push past our fears. So go for it... you may will end up enjoying the ride like I did with Major!


Until next time...

Dr. Denise

The Self Discovery Expert