Take Action Now

Oftentimes we experience what some people call analysis paralysis. What is analysis paralysis? Analysis paralysis is when you keep reading books, going to seminars, researching, and buying programs about a topic, you’re consuming all the information, but never take any action. You say to yourself things like, “I keep thinking about it but I’m not …

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The Fear Factor

Could you have been a contestant on the reality-tv show the Fear Factor? The Fear Factor was a reality series in which contestants had to decide if they had the guts and determination to face their fears while competing against other contestants. Are you willing to face your fears? Those things you know are holding …

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Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone

Great success takes great effort. It is possible to live your dreams and accomplish great things in life. However, the key to achieving great success is that your passion to succeed must match your effort. Those who achieve great success are willing to do what others won’t do. They continue on when others are ready …

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