The Fear Factor

Could you have been a contestant on the reality-tv show the Fear Factor?
The Fear Factor was a reality series in which contestants had to decide if they had the guts and determination to face their fears while competing against other contestants.
Are you willing to face your fears? Those things you know are holding you back? Or will you continue to push your fears down and hope they go away.
If you want to win like some of the contestants on the Fear Factor, then you must do what they did.
Acknowledge It
The first thing they did was to acknowledge they were afraid of certain things. They were honest with themselves. See, on the show, the contestants were faced with their biggest fears. The show made sure the challenges the contestants faced were specific to them. We are all fearful of different things, so it’s important you know what you’re afraid of and may be holding you back.
Face It
The second thing the winners did was to face their fears head on. They were willing to come face-to-face to what they were afraid of. They didn’t back down. They had the guts to go after the challenge. You could physically see that some of the contestants were afraid, but they did the challenge anyway. As some say, they did it with knees knocking and teeth chattering.
Speak It
The third thing the winner did was speaking words of affirmation and empowerment to themselves. You could hear them say things like, “I can do this or I got this or just do it.” It’s important to be mindful of what you say to yourself when you are facing your fears. Make sure you speak words that will empower you to move forward, to push through.
Most people define fear as false evidence appearing real. Our fears do seem real to us. But remember that in order for you and I to be successful and have the lives we dream about, then we have to deal with the fear factor. Although the fears seem real, we have what it takes to overcome them. I believe that when we believe that we are bigger than our fears, then we can easily overcome them.
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Dr. Denise,
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