Own Your Amazing-THE BLUEPRINT Video 1

The most important relationship you will ever experience is the one you have with yourself.


Now is the time to learn who you really are. To learn that you have value and its time to share your brilliance with the world.

In this video, we will focus on:
  • Benefits of owning your amazing
  • Old & new ways of thinking about who you are and how you want to be in the world
  • Objections to changing
  • Challenges to changing

“Thank you Dr. Denise. My heart is smiling! I am grateful that you are inspired because that means I’m living on purpose. Your Own Your Amazing-The Blueprint videos are so good. It is so wonderful to see what you are doing with your Own Your Amazing movement!”

T. Franklin, MS/CEO


Welcome to the “Own Your Amazing-THE BLUEPRINT” 3-part training.  My name is Dr. Denise, The Self Discovery Expert. I will be taking you through this training over the next days.

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Video 2

In video 2, Dr. Denise cover the common myths and common concerns many have when starting on the path of understanding their value and sharing their brilliance with the world.

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Video 3

In video 3, we look at what it takes to really win in life. Also, Dr. Denise answers some frequently asked questions about Own Your Amazing programs. She also covers program components and special bonuses.