New Year, New You: Re-Discover Your Purpose

As we embark on another year, many people will continue to live a life of quiet desperation. Why you ask? Because they will make resolutions instead of making a decision to live a life of purpose. Statistics show that by mid-February, 80% of the people who made resolutions will  fail to achieve them. Why is it that good intentions, like getting fit, finding a new romantic relationship, and improving our lives seems so hard to achieve?

To answer this question, it's important to recognize that an outside-in approach, such as joining a gym or joining an online dating site, is not the key. In other words, it's not the gym or diet that will change you – it's your purpose.

Some people will say that your purpose is your big “why.” Your purpose will push you when you don’t want to run that extra mile or eat that healthy snack. Your purpose is bigger than looking good for the next family event or having a date on Valentine’s Day. Your purpose is bigger than you. Your purpose is about sharing your gifts and talents so that others will be better off.

OYA Challenge:
I challenge you to re-discover your purpose—your big “why.”

Make a new year’s resolution to live your life on purpose. Re-discover what you were meant to share with the world. When you begin to focus on your purpose, then I believe that by February when most people are feeling defeated, you will be feeling excited, fulfilled, and amazing!

Until next time…

Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert™