Missing Piece

I work with young children and I  use a variety of toys like, Logos, board games, and especially puzzles. When the children and I finish playing the games or puzzles, I try to be mindful about putting all the pieces back in the box. But somehow some of the pieces don't make it back in the proper boxes. To say I get highly annoyed when I go to play a game or do a puzzle and pieces are missing would be an understatement.

I have some really cool puzzles that my young clients love. There are a few puzzles that have one or two pieces missing. Of course I can never remember which puzzles have the missing pieces. It's not until the child and I get to the end of the puzzle do I realize that a piece is missing! I know what you're thinking...just get rid of the puzzles with the missing pieces!

You are the missing piece for a lot of people. There are people who need you to come out of the shadows and starting shining. You are the missing piece that will help others to live their lives more fully. There are literally thousands of people who are waiting for you to offer your talents and brilliance. But when you don't step up and step out and share your gifts, others miss out. Remember that you are needed. There are those who want what you have to offer.


My challenge to you is to start offering your gifts and talents to help others. It can be something big or small. I know it will make a difference in someone's life. Let me know what you decide to do!

Until next time...


Dr. Denise,

The Self Discovery Expert™


 P.S. Doing a puzzle is fun. What's even better is when all the puzzle pieces are there and you can see the whole picture...like on the box. I have another challenge...go do a puzzle! Take a picture of it, so I can see if any pieces are missing!