Listen to Your Own Voice

When you make decisions about your life, whose voice are you listening to?
With so many voices telling you which career to choose, the friends to have, how to business run your business, it’s easy to forget to hear the most important voice of all. The most important voice to listen to is your own.
Why is it important to listen to your own voice? It’s important to listen to your own voice because your happiness and fulfillment comes from making sure your life align with who you are for yourself.
Here are 3 tips to help you in learning to listen to your own voice.
Be honest with yourself.
It can sometimes be very easy to ignore your feelings and push them away. We sometimes push our feelings aside and take what may seem like the easier option because we’re afraid of disappointing others, saying no, or failing. However, ultimately this is about your happiness. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge your feelings. Our feelings are there to guide and support you. Listen to them.
Get clear on the vision you have for your life
Get clear on what you want for your life. Only you know what is in your heart for your life. You know what your heart’s desires are. Make sure what you say you want is really what you want and not what others say you should want.
Be willing to speak up for what you want
You have to be willing to speak up for want. If you don’t stand for yourself and what you want, then who will? You have to stand for you before others will. If you are willing to speak up for yourself then others will listen and respect what you have to say. Don’t stay silent about what you want.
OYA Challenge
This week, take some quiet time with yourself. Ask yourself questions, like am I happy with my life, am I happy with my career, or am I happy with my relationships. Really listen to the answers that come up. You may be surprised at your answers.
I believe if you and I are going to live the life we want, we have to learn to drown out all the noise of the world around us. Our voices are too important and powerful to be kept silent.
Until next time…
Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert™


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