When you hear the words identity theft you may think of someone deliberately using someone else's identity, usually as a way to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit and some other benefits, and perhaps to the other person's disadvantage or loss.

But I want to talk about identity theft in a different way.

I believe there’s an important key to owning your amazing—it’s knowing your identity…knowing who you. But unfortunately, for many of us, our identity has been stolen.

You may be wondering how has your identity been stolen? The answer is simple. By listening to others or telling ourselves lies about who we are. In other words, if you are undervaluing who you are, if you are doubting your ability to be successful, if you are criticizing and putting yourself down, then your identity has been stolen. Only a person whose identity has been would act in such a way. If you allow yourself to believe negative, disempowering things about yourself, then your identity has been compromised.

Why is understanding your identity is so critical to owning your amazing? Because all of your life choices, actions, and reactions are based upon who you believe you are. When you know who you are, it shapes the actions you take and choices you make.

In order to reclaim your true identity, you must do 2 key things…

Reaffirm Your Identity
The truth is you have created unique, special, and amazing. There’s no one exactly like you. You must identify or see yourself as the special, unique, gifted, beautiful, and talented being you really are. By reaffirming your true identity, you will know you have value and significance. You can begin to take back your identity.

Identity Monitors

To reclaim your identity, you need to make sure that you surround yourself with people who appreciate you and affirm your real identity is someone who is amazing. What others think about us significantly influences us. Therefore, to make sure that you keep your true identity intact, surround yourself with people who appreciate who you are. You need people who are willing to affirm the greatness that you are.

Banks, credit card companies, and other institutions work really hard to protect their customers' personal identity. You should do the same. Remember, your identity is too important to allow anyone to steal it from you.  You are special, unique, and amazing!

Until next time…
Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert ™

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