Get a G.R.I.P on your Life

You may need to get a GRIP on your life. Why? Many people will continue to live a life of quiet desperation. They will set goals instead of deciding to live a life of purpose. G.R.I.P. means to Get. Real. Intune. with your Purpose.
It's not setting a goal that will change you – it's your purpose. Some people will say that your purpose is your big “why.” Your purpose will push you when you don’t want to get outside your comfort zone or take that risk. Your purpose is bigger working a job, but it’s more about what you were sent here to give and receive. Your purpose is bigger than you. Your purpose is about sharing your gifts and talents so that others will be better off.
OYA Challenge:
I challenge you to get a GRIP—to get clear on your purpose.
Decide to live your life on purpose. Re-discover what you were meant to share with the world. When you begin to focus on your purpose, then I believe that when most people are feeling defeated, you will be feeling excited, fulfilled, and amazing!
Until next time…
Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert ™