If you ask most people if they are afraid of success, you would hear a resounding, “No, of course not!” I recently asked that question of a family member and she said she never understood how someone could be afraid of being successful. Once I explained to her what my understanding of the fear of success, she quickly said, “that’s me!”

The fear of success has to do with being afraid to be seen and heard for your brilliance because of fear of being criticized, belittled, or ostracized by others. Because a person may associate being shunned, then he or she will do things that keeps them from being successful.

Oftentimes, people come from environments were being smart, pretty, kind, nice, and good at something was discouraged. Many people did not have people around telling them what a great job they were doing or to even strive to do more. And because of being in negative environments where success wasn’t celebrated, many people fear the consequence of showing their brilliance.

Here are three tips for overcoming the fear of success:

Put yourself first
It can sometimes be very easy to ignore your feelings and push them away. We sometimes push our feelings aside and take what may seem like the easier option because we’re afraid of disappointing others, making others feel uncomfortable, and saying no. However, ultimately this is about your happiness. Be willing to put your happiness first.

Be willing to speak up for what you want and deserve
You have to be willing to speak up for want and deserve. If you don’t stand for yourself and what you want, then who will? You have to stand for you before others will. If you are willing to speak up for yourself then others will listen and respect what you have to say. Don’t stay silent about what you want.

Surround yourself with successful people
Oftentimes when you are successful, it causes others to feel uncomfortable if they are not living their dream life. There’s an old saying, “misery loves company.” Negative people want others around them to be negative. But you deserve to feel good about your unique brilliance. So, you must surround yourself with people who will celebrate you and put you to your greatness.
So, instead of fearing success, embrace it. It’s time for you be excited about all that you are and all that you can share with the world. There are people waiting to benefit from your brilliance. Don’t keep them waiting!

Until next time…

Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert ™

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