Divine Design

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About the Author

My name is Dr. Denise Moore and I've spent many years learning everything there is to know about personal development. 

The insights outlined in Chapter 4: Divine Design have been responsible for laying the foundation for many women discovering their power to own their amazing and radically live their worth out loud. 

With it in your hands, you'll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards CREATING an authentic life you love. Use and enjoy!

What People Are Saying...

"If you know a woman who serves others to her own detriment...give her this book. Perhaps it is YOU who needs to read how to get your life back so that you can live from your overflow not your capacity. Dr. Denise Moore Revel is MASTERFUL at equipping you to first recognize how awesome you are and then at teaching you to OWN YOUR AMAZING." --Dr. Vikki Johnson

Own Your Amazing is a new exciting and encouraging book. Reading the book inspired me to look at myself deeper and see where I can find the greatest value in my life. This book has shown me that there is more success in my life than just doing my routine job. As a woman, I can do great things! It uplifted me to challenge myself to find the happier and most powerful me that I can be. This book is an excellent motivator to push you into your very best. I recommend this for all of those that want to discover their amazing life beyond the norm!--Barbara Neal

"Dr. Denise knows how to help you to tap into your inner dreams and unapologetically make them a reality. She lives and breathes the art of being amazing as she shares her contagious “get it done” energy with others."--Shayla Boyd-Gill

Kudos Dr. Denise on a job well done. The book captures your attention at the very beginning and it keeps you interested to the very end. The book is just as amazing as the work shop and I look forward to learning more from Dr. Denise. I ow know that I have purpose and I can own it. It is a tremendous blessing to have know you for so many years and to see you do amazing things in your own life as well as others. You are Amazing & you own it!--Lagail Williams

Divine Design