Effective Strategies to Becoming Less Self-Conscious

We all do it to some extent. After carefully examining our environment and considering the individuals that surround us the messages can begin to cross through our mind: “Am I good enough?” “Do I fit in?” “What are they thinking about me?” There are effective strategies you can use to help you become less self-conscious. Using these strategies can help you push past your self-conscious barriers and move you into owning your amazing.

Recognize that we are all self-conscious.

Every person is self-conscious at some point in their lives. Varying extents of this exist for each of us and all of us have to learn how to best combat the self-conscious messages that play through our minds. One of the biggest keys to overcoming self-consciousness is through recognizing that we are not the only ones that battle this and that we are not alone.

Challenge yourself.
Self-consciousness can be conquered, but it requires that you challenge yourself. Give yourself opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and to fight against your self-conscious thoughts. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable, fight against your self-conscious thoughts, and celebrate your victories.

A powerful personal growth experiment can help to propel you to get past your own self-conscious thoughts and beliefs. Put your beliefs to the test by asking at least three different people what they are think about you. Chances are you will be surprised by what you hear them say. Challenge yourself to even ask if they were thinking what you thought they were possibly thinking about you. Although this can be a scary exercise, it is extremely powerful and has the potential to transform the way that you perceive other's views of you. Choosing a safe setting where you trust the individuals around you can help to make this exercise easier to complete.

Learning to be less self-conscious and negative about yourself is something you can achieve. You can decide to be more confident and more amazing. Sure, everyone experiences times when they are negative and self-conscious about themselves, but you don’t have to let that be the way you stay. Owning Your Amazing is about focusing on what’s good and positive about you. It’s important that you see your value and being willing to share it with others.

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Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert ™