I had the opportunity to attend my first international business retreat to Aruba! It was one of my dreams to go on a business retreat to an amazing island.  My dream came true. I was able to awake and live my dream.  When was the last time you dreamed? I mean really dreamed. When was the last time you let your imagination go beyond your current circumstances.

What would your life look life if it was amazing? What would your work life look like? What about your health, family relationships, or even where you went on vacation? You must learn to dream again.

I believe most people are asleep. Most people are sleep walking through life. They have stopped dreaming. They are merely living lives of quiet desperation. They stop dreaming and believing something better is possible for them.

Why is believing and dreaming the first step to having the life you want? The answer is your life will never rise higher than your thoughts will allow. Your mind must be stretched to believe in new possibilities. Begin to dream and take the necessary actions to move towards your dream life-the life that assigns with your purpose and your passions.

“Create a life that you go to bed thankful for and you can’t wait to wake up to.”

Here are 2 quick tips to help you to awake to your dreams:

Dream It
Begin with dreaming or imaging what you really want—your ideal life in all areas of your personal and professional life. Create the image of your family doing amazing things together. Imagine your business going to the next level. Imagine that dream relationship finally happening. Get a clear vision of the life you will be excited to wake up to each and every day.

Awake & Take Action
One of the biggest steps to making your big dreams will come true is to take action. Once you have a clear vision of your dreams, you must take the necessary actions to making your dreams a reality. Take small steps everyday towards living your dreams.

Everyday take time to dream beyond and imagine good things happening in your personal and professional life. As you imagine and dream about new possibilities and take the necessary actions, you will begin to develop your belief in what’s possible for you. You will begin to know that your dreams are now your reality.

Until next time…

Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert ™

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