3 Essential Strategies to Improve Your Confidence

Many people end up not living up to their full potential because of the lack of confidence. They end up being self-conscious about themselves, as well as being overly concerned about what other people think about them. Here are 3 strategies to help improve your confidence so that you can really understand your value and have the courage to share your brilliance with the world.
Appreciate your abilities.
One of the main reasons why people lack confidence is the perception that those around them are better than them. In some instances, you may feel less significance in the presence of those you think are more gifted, talented, or significant. You must learn to look at yourself as being just as gifted, talented, and significant as anyone else. By appreciating your abilities, you will know you have value and significance when you are in the presence of others.
Watch the company you keep.
To become confident, you need to make sure that you keep company with people who appreciate you and your abilities. What others think about us significantly influences us. Therefore, to make sure that you become confident, surround yourself with people who appreciate who you are. Good company needs people who are willing to correct you when you are wrong, as well as those who celebrate you when you win.
Learn from your past.
Life is a journey. What you go through today, can be applied in navigating your tomorrow. In building confidence, this principle is very true. Learning from the past can ensure you that you are more than able to overcome mistakes of the past that could have likely led to low confidence or low self-esteem. Learning from your past guides you on improving on your weaknesses, as well as using your strengths which is very instrumental in building confidence.
I challenge you to begin to work on being more confident. Write down 5 things that make you are good at doing. As you face new challenges, remember those 5 things and how you can use them to empower you to face the challenges before you.
Being a more confident you is possible. You can be more confident and more amazing.  To feel more confident, begin to appreciate what’s unique and special about you, keep people around you who appreciates your value, and learn from the past so you can feel confident going into the future. Remember to believe in your own greatness.
Until next time…
Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert ™