How to Develop PUSH

How do you develop what it takes to push to your dream life? How do you develop the ability to push so you succeed over the long term? Understanding what it takes to have the success you desire like-- starting a business, improving your health, or getting out of debt, is key to you having it.

There were many times in my life that I wanted to quit. I recall times during my academic pursuits that I wanted to quit. I remember wanting to stop pursuing my doctorate degree. I had completed two years of course work. I was tired from running my private practice and being in school full time. At times the stress of it all seemed too much. After sharing my thoughts and feelings with a close friend, who offered great advice and support, I knew I had to finish. I started telling myself one of my favorite quotes, “Winners never quit; quitters never win.”

Developing push is about having the perseverance or tenacity to keeping pushing forward, even when everything in you and around you are telling you to quit. I know life is full of challenges and obstacles. But when make up your mind to achieve something great, it will take diligence and commitment. Oftentimes, we give up right before the breaking point. We stop short of the goal line. To have the life you dreamed of, you must be willing to see it through to the end…no matter what. Some people call it, stick-to-it-ness.


I challenge you to identify a time in your life that you did not push to achieve the goal. Identify what stopped you. Next, identify a new goal you want to achieve and 2 keys things you will do to ensure you PUSH until it is achieved.

When a mother is about to deliver the baby, the doctors tell her to PUSH. So, refuse to abort the mission or throw in the towel. I want to you to push until your “baby”, goal, or dream is realized. Push until you able to show everyone your new bouncing, new company, new promotion, new body, or new relationship. You have what it takes to win.

Until next time…

Dr. Denise,
The Self Discovery Expert