Know Your Value. Share it with the World.

Dr. Denise, The Self Discovery™

Inspirational Speaker,  The Own Your Amazing Mentor, and Creator/CEO of Moore Communication Connections. Dr. Denise Moor Revel has spoken at numerous events to empower children and adults who struggle to be heard. Through her speaking appearances, group classes, and private therapy & coaching practice, Dr. Denise has supported hundreds of children and adults on their path into empowerment – from business leaders, to medical professionals, educators, parents, graduate students, and teen girls.

Dr. Denisel understands the direct impact being confident in who you are has on key areas of a person’s life. She recognizes that owning your amazing is important in being able to feel self-confidence and to succeed in life. Without the ability to recognize your value, believe in yourself, and share your brilliance with the world, a person will live a life of quiet desperation.

Dr. Denise realizes that for many professionals and small business owners, owning your amazing means the difference between playing small and staying stuck in a dead-end job and getting that next big promotion. What makes Dr. Denise’s clients succeed is her ability to use her education and lived experiences to empower them to live more fully, both professionally and professionally. With years of her own personal struggle to own her amazing, Dr. Denise’s mission is to uplift, enlighten, encourage, and empower others to live out their purpose.

Dr. Denise knows what it takes to break through free from limiting thoughts that keeps you playing small. She teaches highly-educated professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and executives who know they are playing small to get seen and heard for their brilliance.

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